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We were in National Historical Archive of Belarus and in State Archive of Zhitomir region last week, researching two complicated Jewish genealogy cases. Our other research geography of the last week was as wide, from Baltics to Siberia: Please let us know where we can help you with your historical research.

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New project

We are looking now for the history of yet another family which emigrated from the former Russian empire to the North America. So far the research plan consists of visiting archives of Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv Historical, Odessa in Ukraine; Russian State archive (Moscow),  Moscow city archive, Bashkortostan archive (Ufa); checking Greece-related records in several Russian archives, […]

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Busy September 2013

This September we were in: Russian State Historical Archive (St Petersbourg); State Archive of Russian Federation (Moscow); Ryazan State Archive (Russia); Kiev Regional and Kiev Historical archives; Chernigov regional archive (Ukraine); Cherkassy regional archive (Ukraine); Ternopil regional archive (Ukraine); Lviv regional archive (Ukraine); Mogilev Historical archive, Mogilev former Party archive (Byelorussia). And a few pictures […]

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