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Two females, ten last names

Did you ever thought how difficult it is to search for the female relatives? Here is an example.  Our colleague has recently gave the presentation on his experience tracing the artwork provenance of several portraits by Mikhail Verboff (1896-1996).  Look at the attached picture. Two sisters (lower right corner). One have four last names from […]

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We have obtained the old book describing the basic concepts of record-keeping and clerical work 155 years ago. Some things do change, some stay the same. Enjoy. Bibliography quote: Вельдбрехт, Валериан Никитич. Общие основания русского делопроизводства с приложением основных его форм / Соч. В. Вельдбрехта. – Санкт-Петербург : тип. Я. Трея, 1854. – 120, II […]

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