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Last week we continued to work on the complicated case of WW2 displaced persons. We searched in US National Archives, US, in St Petersburg Historical archive, Russia, in Chernigov regional archive, Ukraine.

Small pieces of complicated puzzle we have on hand start to group into something meaningful, and we hope we will be able to see the whole picture in a few weeks.

Have a complicated puzzle which bothers you or your parents for decades? Give us a try, we might help.

P.S. and what is on the attached image? It is one of 2.5 millions EWZ registration cards of persons of German origin kept from the WWII, with copies in US and in Germany. Maybe we can find your relatives here?

There are 2.5 millions cards like that detailing families with at least some German descent. Many of them are spread around the world. Maybe yours could be found here too!

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