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Tubabao. Introduction.

#Russian #Refugees. It was a forgotten story, 5000 Russians spend several years on the #Phillippines island Tubabao  in 1949-1953 (more details in Russian here).

“What do I get today?” asks this small boy looking into his daily food ration.

We have found a small trove of unknown photos in the US National Archive (College Park, MD, USA). They show the refugees life from different angles, optimistic and pessimistic.

Please check our site this week, we will be posting more of those.

What do I get today?

2 Responses to “Tubabao. Introduction.”

  1. Thomas hunsinger says:

    I think that is my mom and my aunt in the picture and the little boys name is Richard. Please let me know if you have any info on The picture. We may have some movies from then. They were in shanghai before the went to th Philippines. Thanks tom…

  2. Thomas hunsinger says:

    The little boy in the picture us Robert my moms cousin

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