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Old Paper Fasteners

Sometimes you get a strange piece of bureaucratic tools and just cannot google it. I had one for a long while. It was a paper fastener, hundred-years-old. Found lying around in the old archive. 

I found some nice people who run the web site with all the old parafernalia, was unable to find anything like those staples here, and wrote to the site owner.

Mr Frank Parsons wrote me:

Well, I did some searching and I think I found what you’re looking for here.  If you scroll about half or so way down the page you’ll find the Bendover Paper Fastener.  It appears that the author of the Early Office Museum didn’t consider these clips but fasteners.  The only bit of info he gives is that this type of clip was available in 1899.  That doesn’t preclude yours being used at a much later date so the 1910’s-20’s is totally reasonable.  

Now with the right name of this item, it became googlable. Magic works. It turns out that 
Some Chinese are still selling them on (http://www.cn-tobon.com/e_products/?big_id=50&small_id=71 ), and there’s a US company offering them since 1995 as a “novelty item” ( http://classicclips.com )
I would like to thank americanstationer.wordpress.com for the nice help offered.
We are solving old puzzles. One puzzle at a time. If you need help solving yours — just let us know.

Bendover Paper Fastener. Box cover image courtesy of the Officemuseum.com

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