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Find your old village

One of the complicated points of the research, even before you go to the archive, is to make sure you have the correct location. It is especially true if some migration was involved. In those cases people tend to forget exact details of their small villages where they were born and remember only the approximate region. Unknown places with unknown spellings in language almost nobody in the family speaks adds to the problem.

We know how to deal with it. Sometimes religious or other details of the family story helps. Sometimes we just fetch the list of the villages with that name and check them all, one by one.

And another point to remember that the “old” map of 1980s might not have the village which disappeared in 1960s, so you have to check several sources to be sure you are on the right track.

If you have problems identifying your ancestral locations — contact us, we know how to help.

Somewhere on this map were several villages which disappeared in 1960s. Need help finding?

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