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Back from Cuba

We have just completed the search for the Russian client — found the father’s grave in Havana, Cuba. And the nice cuban half-sister. Here are a  few pictures from this research trip.

The task was complicated – the client has never seen father, client’s mother was quite reluctant to talk, there was a name and some sketchy biographical details to work with.

With a bit of persistence and a bit of luck, within one week of arrival to La Habana, Cuba by plane, we have found:

Father’s grave – he died in 1989.

Located deep into the Cementerio Colon

Obtained his death certificate from the Registro Civil

as well as his birth certificate

We have then found the last place of residence, which was not easy

Then we went to the Cuba National Library (Russian Researchers has some preferences there)

Where we have checked a number of reference books to get the whole picture

Everything matched. Then we found the sister for the client, and evidenced the nice family reunion — two persons in their 30s who’ve never seen each other, who found a lot of common in their lives..

This was the end of this mission.

And you know, there is a backlog of what else we need to do those months. We have research scheduled in St Petersburg, Moscow, Ryazan, Kiev, Sumy, Kharkov, Zhitomir, Kanev, Vladivostok, and probably also in Riga, Madrid, Lisbon and Kharbin.

And if you want us to do this magic of life for you — please feel free to contact us. We love to help.





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