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More archival pictures

Russian archive file covers/ catch of 2011


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  1. Nancy Filkow says:

    I want to locate the exact location where my parents were born. My father lived in Dagda,
    Latvia. His name was Leon Dolgoy. My mother was born in Riga possibly, Latvia.
    Their birthdates were 1902 and 1905

  2. RusGenProject says:

    Dear Nancy —

    you can first try to look through books of vital records for the area you are interested in yourself.
    http://www.lvva-raduraksti.lv/ has all the books of vital records scanned and available. They are not indexed, so you will need to know the religious affiliation and location of the church/parish to look through the scanned book pages. The site requires registration, but it is easy.

    You can start with 1897 census (it is less than 900 pages for Dagda) to see if you can handle it.

    If you think it to be too challenging (as both old handwriting and old administrative and church structure could be complicated) we can help. I feel that 3-5 hours of dedicated searches by our expert should bring at least some results. Our hourly rate for this kind of search is US$35, and we accept paypal.

    Please keep us posted on your successes.

    Kirill Chashchin

  3. RusGenProject says:

    see the answer above

  4. Karl-Michael Sala says:

    Kanev/Kaniv/KAHEB is KLEOPA/KLIOPA(S) research that Kirill Chashchin & Krew are doing for a client of http://www.GermanGenealogist.com = Lynell & Karl-Michael Sala = karlmsala@msn.com = 1-888-456-7252. We are grateful for the professional connection! It is a win-win-win situation indeed!

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