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This was recently seen at the Central Archives of Ministry of Defence in Podolsk, near Moscow.  They are building new archival storage, a lot of it.


Uzbekistan research

We went to Tashkent and Samarkand looking for relatives of the WWII Soviet officer Missed in action in October 1941.

Yes, sometimes you search for documents in places like that.


Global reach, local search

We went to Penza, Russia, in the archive, to check the information on ancestors of the US resident in 1910s for the client from Germany. Found four generations of ancestors there.

Very friendly archive, and highly recommended.

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year!

Kickstarter.com project

Dear Friends,

We have just announced the small genealogy-related publishing project on Kickstarter.com.

We need your help.

We will very much appreciate any support you may extend to this endeavour (and there are plenty of perks for supporters).

Thanks from RusGenProject team

Busy September 2013

This September we were in:

Russian State Historical Archive (St Petersbourg);
State Archive of Russian Federation (Moscow);
Ryazan State Archive (Russia);

Kiev Regional and Kiev Historical archives;
Chernigov regional archive (Ukraine);
Cherkassy regional archive (Ukraine);
Ternopil regional archive (Ukraine);
Lviv regional archive (Ukraine);

Mogilev Historical archive, Mogilev former Party archive (Byelorussia).
And a few pictures from archive folders where we were able to find something, be it noble, Communist or Jewish.

And from cemeteries where we were unable to find anything.


P.S. and we are not saying about the very busy August…



Back from Cuba

We have just completed the search for the Russian client — found the father’s grave in Havana, Cuba. And the nice cuban half-sister. Here are a  few pictures from this research trip.

The task was complicated – the client has never seen father, client’s mother was quite reluctant to talk, there was a name and some sketchy biographical details to work with.

With a bit of persistence and a bit of luck, within one week of arrival to La Habana, Cuba by plane, we have found:

Father’s grave – he died in 1989.


Located deep into the Cementerio Colon

carstwo-mertwykh-01-img_0219 havana-cementerio-colon-img_0224

Obtained his death certificate from the Registro Civil


as well as his birth certificate


We have then found the last place of residence, which was not easy


Then we went to the Cuba National Library (Russian Researchers has some preferences there)


Where we have checked a number of reference books to get the whole picture

dict-bibl-cubano-img_20130426_142107 enc-genealog-iberoamerican-img_20130507_151304 phone-dir-2003-img_20130426_142710 phone-dir-2010-img_20130426_143430 social-register-1954-img_20130426_154458

Everything matched. Then we found the sister for the client, and evidenced the nice family reunion — two persons in their 30s who’ve never seen each other, who found a lot of common in their lives..

This was the end of this mission.


And you know, there is a backlog of what else we need to do those months. We have research scheduled in St Petersburg, Moscow, Ryazan, Kiev, Sumy, Kharkov, Zhitomir, Kanev, Vladivostok, and probably also in Riga, Madrid, Lisbon and Kharbin.

And if you want us to do this magic of life for you — please feel free to contact us. We love to help.






Minsk Streets List p087

Minsk Streets List p087

Happy New Year

This nice Seasons Greeting cartoon was published
in December 1936 in North China Daily News.
The original author, Russian officer turned cartoonist
Georgi Avksentievich Sapojnikoff (a.k.a Sapajou, 1893-1949)
was the top influencer of international Shanghai in 1920s-1940s.
Except a few publications, his is now mostly forgotten.
We at Russian Genealogy Project
- Kirill, Olexa, Konstantin and Victoria -
are wishing you to do something in this coming year to be remembered.
And health and prosperity to be able to reach this goal.

We will be happy to see you
and talk to you
and help you
as much as we can
in this year
and in many years to come.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from RusGenProject. Cartoon by Sapajou

Happy New Year

From the archives of Moscow, Kiev,Ryazan, Chernigov, St Petersbourg, Zhitomir, Vladivostok and Odessa we are wishing you the merry Christmas, Happy New Year, happiness and prosperity to you and all your relatives.

We will help you find lost relatives in the 2013 as we did in this year.


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